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Sea Glass Mom?


I love sea glass.  Looking for the small colorful pieces in the sand is my favorite beach activity–finding a new piece is like stumbling upon precious treasure.  I love the irony of sea glass itself.  Basically it’s ocean trash.  Junk thrown away because its purpose has been fulfilled.  Tossed into the ocean as garbage, a no longer desired bottle goes through an amazing transformation.  It’s shattered, tossed, tumbled, buffed and polished until it no longer resembles its original shape.  The former common bottle has been changed into something uncommon.  A jewel of the sea, rivaled only by the pearl.  I like to think of sea glass as a perfect analogy for what God does as he transforms our lives, the process making us nearly unrecognizable from where we began but more precious for what we become.  At least that’s how it’s been for me.  I’m still being shattered, tossed, tumbled, buffed and polished.  I have no idea how I will look when the process is over, but I know I am more beautiful than I was when it began.